Time to Kid

Time to Kid: the best things to do with kids in April

A visit to the bees, a stroll through the butterfly kingdom, a belly full of pizza and a good night's sleep in a tent. Cascais has everything and then some to entertain the little ones.

Time Out and Visit Cascais

The bad weather is starting to ease up, and the gray, rainy days are now giving way to blue skies and radiant sunshine. In the wardrobes of the little ones, rain boots and raincoats are being replaced by their favorite t-shirts. Spring has arrived in Cascais, bringing with it a variety of different and fun plans to entertain the whole family. The April schedule is set, are you ready?

Butterfly House

Did you know that the country's only natural butterfly house is in Cascais? And did you know that it reopened its doors in early April? Well, it's time to take the kids to the magical world of butterflies. At the Cascais Butterfly House, the experience ranges from 0 to 100 - from the first life cycle with eggs, caterpillars, chrysalises, and, finally, the butterflies. Located in the Urban Park of Quinta de Rana, it offers free visits, guided tours (€3.5 per person), and educational workshops (€3.5 per person). They'll come out of there as true mini-experts.

Rua Feliciano Moreira, S. Domingos de Rana

+39 Pizzeria Napoletana

Their little eyes light up when they hear the magical word: pizza. Their mouths water when they know it's the most special, with thick crusts and interiors filled with what +39 Pizzeria Napoletana is made of. Here, they can opt for the most traditional pizzas or step out of the box with the house pizzas that bring less common ingredients to try and start discovering new flavors - who knows if the youngest doesn't love smoked cod and the oldest is a secret admirer of oyster mushrooms?

Rua de Alvide, Fontainhas

The World of Bees

Spring and fauna and flora practically go hand in hand. Therefore, for the most adventurous ones, this month - and until the end of the year - they can land at the World of Bees at Quinta do Pisão. They make a stop at a beehive to discover what life is like inside and take the opportunity to taste local delicacies such as honey. They get to know their own productions such as pollen, wax, and propolis and how these enter their daily lives. After two hours on this adventure, they return home full of wisdom and ready to tell all their friends about the World of Bees. The activity costs €8 per participant.

Estrada da Serra, Alcabideche


For a fun family plan, head with your tent in hand - or rather, wait until you get there for the "in hand" part - towards the ORBITUR Guincho campsite. At night, you can tell spooky stories under a starry sky and create memories that will last a lifetime. During the day, take a stroll along the beaches, which are no more than 30 minutes away, and enjoy the good weather for a dip in the waves - if you dare, as the weather may warm up but the waters of Guincho remain quite chilly this time of year. Whether in bungalows or tents, fun is guaranteed.

Estrada Nacional 247 6, Lugar de Areia Guincho

Contos da horta

Storytime is always one of the most enjoyable moments, where you can play and share everything, even a bit of history. In the month of freedom - and in the year celebrating 50 years of it - Cascais takes the opportunity to tell the little ones a bit about its stories. Little heads rise to listen to Ana Ventura, through registration.


Apr 27th. 3:30 PM

Cascais Municipal Library - Casa da Horta da Quinta de Santa Clara

Av. Costa Pinto, 27

Dolphin Explorers

Depois de tantas atividades e diversão, cada criança merece uma recompensa. E o destino perfeito para ganhar pontos no mundo dos petiscos saborosos é: O Melhor Croissant da Minha Rua. Perfeito para todos os gostos e preferências, se os mais novos preferem lanches salgados, então a solução perfeita é um croissant misto, mas se forem do tipo que já salivam só de ouvir falar de doces, então um de chocolate é certamente uma escolha que vai agradar. E se estiverem cansados de todas as aventuras nos parques e desfiles mas ainda quiserem um lanche? Um simples nunca falha.

26 B Avenida Valbom

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