MØ 'No Mythologies to Follow' album review

Denmark's new pop prospect justifies the buzz with a sparkling debut album
By Daisy Jones |
    With a stage name that means "virgin" ("because it’s ironic"), a big top-knot plait swinging from her head like a chain and a hilariously, permanently deadpan expression, it was already quite hard not to like MØ. And that was before the Scandinavian singer went and released a brilliant debut pop album.

    As with any female artist, Karen Marie Ørsted inevitably gets compared to other singers who happen to have two X chromosomes. She’s been touted as the next Grimes (who hasn’t?), a cooler Lana Del Rey, a more urban Lykke Li, and a better Icona Pop.

    Yes, there’s some logic to all those reference points: You can hear traces of very diverse artists in No Mythologies To Follow, from the silkily Lana-like inflections of opener "Fire Rides" to the Grimes-y beats and claps of "XXX 88" (featuring Diplo). But No Mythologies can stand on its own feet thanks to its stylish and skillful production, crammed with hip hop-leaning beats and sparkling, dancefloor-ready glitch-pop electronics—not to mention MØ’s sultry and believably soulful vocals.

    So whereas Lana and Icona Pop struggled to put together debuts that lived up to the promise of their first singles, MØ’s debut will leave you unable to pick a favourite track. Believe the hype: Karen Ørsted is something else.