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The ultimate guide to Colorado


The best of Colorado

The 24 best things to do in Colorado

Colorado’s pioneering history and mountainous topography—plus four national parks—make it an obvious destination for travelers seeking adventure. But a strong music scene and expanding restaurant and arts scene mean the Centennial State is just as appealing to city-dwelling vacationers. It’s not only the metropolises like Denver and Boulder that call to tourists, though. Innovative breweries, notable galleries, and creative excursions have popped up in towns all across the state. The weather here fluctuates constantly, so visitors should plan their hotel stays based on the time of year, but don’t worry if Mother Nature puts a damper on a scheduled outing: There’s always something to do in Colorado.

The 14 best restaurants in Colorado

Colorado used to be a steak-and-potatoes town. Not anymore. Across the state, farmers and chefs are committed to serving locally grown and responsibly harvested ingredients, and they’re opening restaurants that reflect that ethos. Diners—who care about what they eat and whose palates are becoming increasingly sophisticated—now have more choice than ever, and visitors arrive with numerous restaurants on their lists of things to do in Colorado. From local wild game to foraged ingredients to inventive craft cocktails, Colorado eateries are raising the bar in every corner of the state. All the eateries on this list show why the Centennial State has emerged as a food destination.

The 14 best hotels in Colorado

Colorado is the 8th largest state in the United States, boasting a geography and cultures as diverse as its 104,093 square miles. From the desert southwest with Mesa Verde’s ancient cliff dwellings to ski resorts in the snow-covered Rockies, there’s no shortage of places to explore in colorful Colorado. We’ve checked into the state’s finest lodgings, from historic inn to modern boutique hotel, focusing on those that offer luxury, service, hospitality, and amenities that make the spaces uniquely Colorado and not a boxy cookie-cutter.   Mountain destinations like Vail and Aspen, which offer luxurious accommodations whether you’re visiting during ski season or enjoying the bountiful summer activities of the region, like biking, hiking, horseback riding, and white-water rafting, are in the mix, as are a small clutch of resorts that are a destination all their own, and options that are the perfect place to hang your hat on a road trip of the American West. And of course, we couldn’t round-up the state’s best hotels without including Denver, Colorado’s capital city. A mile above sea level, this booming urban oasis is welcoming record numbers of new residents and visitors alike, eager to explore the Mile High City’s abundant offerings – from culinary hotspots to nightlife, sporting events, and cultural attractions.

10 best Airbnbs in Colorado

When you're looking for your next vacay spot, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more aesthetically-pleasing state than Colorado. With mountains, deserts, canyons, forests and rivers, this rugged state is a real beauty. Four National Parks provide bunches of hiking routes. If you visit during the ski season, you will scoot down some of the best slopes in the world. And don’t even get us started on the wildlife. Unreal.  In short, it’s all rather magical, and the accommodation is equally as special. We’re talking cute wooden cabins nestled next to woodland creeks and treetop huts with jaw-dropping vistas. So dig out your walking boots and get booking – the Rocky Mountains are a-callin'. Note: please check the latest travel advice before booking.   

The 10 best Colorado ski resorts

It’s no secret that Colorado ski resorts are among the country’s best. Heck, that’s why half of us moved here, right? We have a potentially huge ski season upon us, with El Niño-enhanced snowfall on the horizon. So, whether you’re looking for one of the best family vacations in America (and if you are, here are our top tips for family ski trips), some extreme outdoor adventures with friends, or you just want to indulge in some après mayhem, it’s time to hit the mountains. Here are the best Colorado ski resorts to help you choose (and if you want to cast your net wider, here are the best ski resorts in America).