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Why you need to go to the Faroe Islands – in nine breathtaking photos

It’s cold, windy and usually dark. It rains a lot. And the landscape, all rocky cliffs and volcanic hills, feels just little bit inhospitable. But my gosh, are the Faroe Islands beautiful. Roughly half-way between Norway and Iceland, this archipelago of 18 islands is famed for the sheer drama of its natural landscapes – and nowhere is this plainer to see than from above. On a recent trip to the Danish autonomous territory, Brazilian geologist and photographer Henrique Murta sent a drone out over the otherworldly Faroese landscape. The resulting photo series, ‘Føroyar Shapes’, was commended at the Siena Awards’ 2020 Drone Photo Awards. ‘The place just doesn’t look real, doesn’t feel real,’ says Murta. ‘Everything is too perfectly arranged: the colours and, especially, the shapes.’ Take a look at his series, republished in full here, and it’s hard to disagree.