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  1. Simon Pegg looking very dapper in his cool blue suit.

  2. Director Edgar Wright signs a very excitable fan's poster.

  3. I think that's Gaz from Supergrass (or someone who looks like him).

  4. The fantastic Nick Frost looking a bit like he's Simon Pegg's bouncer.

  5. The view from the top of the red (er, I mean blue) carpet.

A night out on the red carpet

Tim Arthur rubs shoulders with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright at the premiere of 'The World's End'


I was a little overly excited to be attending the premier of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's 'The World's End'. Having been a huge fan of the other two movies in what's come to be called 'The Cornetto Trilogy' ('Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz') I had been waiting for this final part to come out ever since I'd heard it was being filmed.

Leicester Square looked stunning on a gorgeous summer's night and although I always get entirely embarrassed walking up a red (or in this case blue) carpet being stared at by a whole host of people all wondering 'Who the hell is he?', it didn't really matter because the inner fanboy in me just wanted to get inside to see the movie. I wasn't disappointed.
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