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Back to the Future

How to dress like a ‘Back to the Future’ character

Secret Cinema is back for an epic summer-long run of ‘Back to the Future’. If you’ve bought tickets all that’s left is to pick your character. Who will you go as? Marty McFly or nutty Doc Brown? Retro 1980s or 1950s?

Written by
Cath Clarke
Katie Dailey

Why Marty?
Because Marty McFly is the coolest kid in Hill Valley – in 1985 and 1955.

The look...
In 2014, puffer vests are strictly for royals hunting deer on granny’s estate. In 1985, Marty’s puffer made him king of teenage cool. Wear your puffer over jeans hoisted dangerously high with braces. Marty McFly accessories: skateboard, headphones dangled around the neck and calculator watch.

Why Doc?
Because you’ll get to walk around all night shrieking ‘1.21 Gigawatts!!’ while jerking backwards like a madman.

The look...
Doc’s costume is a cinch to pull off. Take one bog-standard radiation suit and wear over a nutty tropical shirt. Et voila. Mad scientist. Don’t forget to absent-mindedly fill your pockets with bulldogs clips assorted stationery. And marigolds – necessary when handling plutonium.

Why Jennifer?
Ladies. Your ‘Back to the Future’ options are limited. Unless you decide to go down the cross-dressing route, your choices are: 1, ‘hot love interest in 1985’, or, 2, ‘hot, love interest in 1955 (with added incest)’. If you go 1980s, you are Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer Parker.

The look...
It’s not just time travel defying the laws of science in ‘Back to the Future’. Jennifer Parker’s hair is massive, so you’ll need a HUGE can of hairspray. Fashion-wise, Jennifer is a pastels, Laura Ashley floral blouses, stone washed jeans and a waistcoat girl.

Why Lorraine?
Because ’80s fashion is marmite: love it or wouldn’t be seen dead in it. Lorraine is Marty’s mum, who fancies him, not knowing he’s her son (because, well, he’s hasn’t been born yet).

The look...
Prim Peter Pan collars, bobby socks and butter-wouldn’t-melt day dresses. Or Lorraine’s pretty-in-pink prom dress.

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