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My Life in Movies: Naomie Harris

The James Bond and ‘Black and Blue’ star on her cinema of choice and why she stans for ‘Love Actually’

Hanna Flint
Written by
Hanna Flint

What was the first movie you saw at the cinema?

‘It was “The Wizard of Oz”. I can picture myself in the cinema with my family but can’t quite remember which one it was!’

What is your favourite cinema?

‘It used to be in Whiteleys in Bayswater, but it’s shut down now. You could have food and get the sofa beds for two. I would come with a little blanket and just kind of snuggle down to watch movies, but then you could just press a little switch and someone would come in and take your order. It was amazing.’

Where do you go now?

‘I love Everyman cinemas. Tickets are so expensive, you need a reason to pay instead of staying at home to watch TV. Super-comfortable seats and food and drink throughout is the dream.’

What was the last film that you loved?

‘I’ve missed a lot because I’ve been shooting but “The Favourite” was incredible. What a powerhouse movie with powerhouse women. The directing was really quirky and unexpected too.’

You’ve made a lot of movies in London. Which locations stick out in your mind?

‘I remember shooting “Spectre” next to Big Ben at night. We had the police blocking off the entire area. Only a Bond movie could shut down that part of London! I just thought what a privilege it was to be taking over my home town in this way.’

What is your favourite premiere memory?

‘It was the royal premiere for “Spectre” and it was the first time I was allowed to take a guest with me. I took my uncle, who has always been so incredibly kind to me. The thing is, they said that you’re not actually allowed to introduce your guest unless the royal says hello to them, but I broke royal protocol by introducing my uncle.’

What movie do you think represents London?

‘“Love Actually”. It’s all about Londoners, with the city as the backdrop. I just love that movie’s heart. To me, that’s what sums up London: its heart and soul, and its quirkiness. It has its own unique flavour.’

‘Black and Blue’ opens Fri Oct 25.

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