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Illustration: Dan Park

The Hot Seat: Chris Colfer

The multitalented Glee star taps into his animal instincts.


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I saw your recent tweet about doing something dangerous and "life threatening." Can you elaborate?
I performed a big, flashy number [while shooting an episode of Glee], and I was doing some of the most dangerous things that I've ever done on the show. I requested an ambulance on standby. I don't think we got that, but I had a medic, and I made a lot of people nervous.

Does this mean you get to show off your sai skills?
Maybe... But much more than that.

How did you start doing ninjutsu?
Growing up watching the Ninja Turtles, I always wanted to be one. I had my first job in high school, working at my cousin's dry cleaners. [I saved] a little bit of money and thought, I'm gonna buy some swords!

If you could do Ninja Turtles on Broadway, who else would you want in the cast?
I would have to cast my friend Ashley Fink as April because she is even more obsessed with the Turtles than me. Then Meryl Streep as Shredder, Robin Williams as Splinter and me as Raphael. I think people would see that show.

You once said you were a social llama in high school, and you're also a Harry Potter fan. So which animal would be your Patronus?
Here's what I've determined: It would either be llama or a sea monkey.

Why those two?
I've felt like a llama my entire life, like, walking around the farm, thinking, Who do I hang out with? I'm not good enough for the horses, I'm a little above the goats.... And I think sea monkeys because sea monkeys are just so cool. I've always been fascinated by them, and not too many people know what they are.

Either one would surprise people.
Right?!? If you see a big sea monkey coming toward you, you're not gonna know what the heck it is. You're going to think it's an alien when, really, it's just a sea monkey that you can buy at any local Target.

Kurt and Blaine's relationship was an important story line on the last season of Glee. How has it affected the way you play the character?
I think it takes away from Kurt's loneliness. He has someone to confide in and someone who knows exactly what he's going through. He has someone to love, and I think that's what everyone's striving for—gay, straight, bi or llama.

There's been a lot of drama in the press lately about you and your character leaving the show. If you called the shots, what would Kurt do after graduation?
I'm still campaigning for Kurt to become the editor-in-chief of Kurtin magazine, which would combine, of course, theater, art and fashion. But we'll see...

Glee's third season premieres Tue 20 on Fox.

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