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Illustration: Dan Park

The Hot Seat: Martha Stewart

The lifestyle guru knows how to hold her own—even with donkeys.


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So you've made brownies with Snoop Dogg, cake with Amy Sedaris, origami with Ludacris... Who's been the most fun to craft or cook with?
The comedians are always a lot of fun to work with. They're up for anything, and they'll try anything. Sometimes you'll get a guest who's a little confused by trying to do a project and talk at the same time. A lot of them, oh my God, they get almost silent, which is funny. I always laugh at them.

Conan tours your kitchen on one episode, and your fridge is stocked with PBR and Kraft Easy Cheese, which seems pretty down-home. What are your must-have refrigerator items?
Butter, milk, eggs, lemons... Out of those, I can pretty much make anything.

What about for when you just get the munchies and want to grab something immediately?
I never have munchies. You have to make munchies in my house.

You're also known as a huge animal lover. What's your total right now?
Hundreds, including the chickens and the canaries... Five horses, three donkeys, two sheep, three dogs, five cats, 22 canaries, a couple hundred chickens, two geese...

Who has the biggest personality?
Francesca, the brindle French bulldog.

Is she allowed in the house?
Oh my gosh, everybody's allowed in the house. Can they fit in the house is the question. [Laughs] The donkeys actually came into my kitchen one day.

How'd that happen?
I let them in! I had read a story about a woman who let her pet donkey come in every day for a croissant, so I tried that. They're not very neat, and they're a little brusque for my delicate house [in Bedford, New York], so they stayed on the marble kitchen floor for a couple seconds and had to be ushered right out.

Are any animals allowed to snuggle?
Oh, of course! French bulldogs are insistent on snuggling. One sleeps on top of the duvet, and one sleeps underneath.

We've seen you garden, bake, cook, knit, paint.... Is there anything you legitimately can't do?
Let me the Sunday crossword puzzle in five minutes or less.

Wow. That's a tight time frame.
Well, I have friends who can do it.

A lot of people, when they achieve something that they think meets the Martha standard of perfection, will call it a Martha Moment. What's been your favorite Martha Moment from your own life?
Recently, the birth of my granddaughter.

What are you excited to teach her?
Everything. I've already helped her write her first books. She's three weeks old. She's actually on her third book.

The Martha Stewart Show airs weekdays at 10am on the Hallmark Channel. Stewart's Easter special airs Sun 17 at 7pm.

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