Gènesi. Sebastião Salgado

Art, Photography
Gènesi, de Sebastião Salgado
© Sebastião Salgado Gènesi, de Sebastião Salgado

Photographer Sebastião Salgado reveals the beauty and fragility of our planet

This exhibition, 'Genesis', seeks out the origins of the world and planet that we live on via the work of Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado. It's a world that has evolved over thousands of years and now faces the rapid rhythm of modern life. Through his work, and photographic and ideological trajectory, Salgado also proposes an urgent review of the relationship between human beings and the planet we inhabit.

This show, which can be seen in Girona until the spring of 2017, features images of landscapes, animals and people who have little to do with the modern world: vast, remote regions, which remain intact and in silence, where nature continues to reign. Spaces where we can see the splendour of the polar regions, tropical forests and savannahs, scorching desserts, mountains dominated by glaciers, and solitary islands. An incredible mosaic where nature expresses its full grandeur. The photographs that make up 'Gènesis' aim to reveal this beauty and represent an homage to the fragility of a planet that we all have the obligation to protect. 

Salgado's work also offers important critiques on modernity, and the aesthetics of his photos serve to question the economic and social priorities that dominate the contemporary world. 

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