Persones, mai més xifres

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Expo 'Persones, mai més xifres'
© Carles Palacio Expo 'Persones, mai més xifres'

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A photographic exhibition featuring work by Carles Palacio, which aims to give a face to refugees

The headlines in the media talk about "thousands of displaced people", of "hundreds dead on the beaches", of the economic benefits or the costs for a state that comes from welcoming a certain number of refugees; about whether they're displaced for one reason or another. But the subject here is not numbers, it's people. That's the starting-point for the exhibition 'People, never again numbers' from the Girona photographer Carles Palacio. The show, which is showing in the market of La Volta and runs until July 9, has its origins in two projects by Palacio about refugees in Perpignan and Idomeni (Greece). 


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