Destil·leries Regàs i Gerunda

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Destil·leries Regàs i Gerunda
©Destil·leries Regàs i Gerunda Destil·leries Regàs i Gerunda

Two distilleries in the Pont Major neighbourhood of Girona that are well worth a look both inside and out

The neighbourhood of Pont Major, which is considered a 'passing-through' district by the majority of Giona residents, is also home to a number of architectural gems, among which are the Regàs i Gerunda distilleries. They're the work of architect Enric Catà (1878-1937) and have a clear modernista influence. It's worth stopping to contemplate the two façades with exposed tiles. And if you go in, it's also an experience.

By: Dani Chicano


Venue name: Destil·leries Regàs i Gerunda
Address: Pont Major, 67
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