Temporada Alta 2016: Caída del cielo

Rocío Molina
© Pablo Guidali Rocío Molina

Rocío Molina presents the Catalan premiere of a work about the beauty of light and shade

A restless 'bailaora' (flamenco dancer) and iconoclastic choreographer: Rocío Molina (winner of the National Dance Prize in 2010) has developed her own flamenco language that both respects traditions and embraces the avant-garde. Following 'Afectos', her popular performance shown at last year's Temporada Alta, the young bailaora returns to the festival to present a dialogue between the two, apparently opposing, sides of flamenco: force and fragility, light and dark. In the first part, Molina takes up all the space; in the second, she's accompanied by a group of musicians who deconstruct the structure of flamenco. This is a show about the beauty of light and shade, the paradoxical juxtaposition of our contradictions. 

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