Temporada Alta 2016: Solo

Israel Galván
© Luis Castilla Israel Galván

Forty-five minutes of dance without music

Israel Galván has been renowned as a revolutionary of contemporary flamenco since the premiere in 1998 of 'Mira/Los zapatos rojos'. He's a flamenco dancer who mixes the essence of his art with the purest avant-garde. Galván (winner of the National Dance Prize 2005) has already demonstrated at Temporada Alta in 'FlaCoMen' (2014) and 'La Curva' (2011) that, both with and without a melody, he can fill the stage. In 'Solo', he invites us to see him dance, rehearse and break away from tradition. It's a show without music or ornamentation, where Galván creates a soundtrack using the rhythms of his body, the clicking of his fingers and the timbre of his voice.