Temporada Alta 2016: Sweet Fever

Sweet Fever
Sweet Fever

Time Out says

New choreography based on John Travolta's hit film, 'Saturday Night Fever'

A world of coloured lights, mirror balls and music by the Bee Gees. This is 'Saturday Night Fever'. Choreographer and dancer Pere Faura has been inspired by the John Travolta movie to re-create the famous moves seen on-screen but in a live context, celebrating the freeing pleasure of dancing, whether it be in a disco or on stage. Faura, as he proved in 'Sin baile no hay paraíso' (a work presented at Temporada Alta two years ago; the name means 'Without dance there's no heaven'), likes exploring dance that's contained in the popular memory. Here he reflects on the glorious decade of disco music, repeating almost ad infinitum the steps of his icon.


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