Era Electrònica Pool Party

Music, Dance and electronic
Pool Party
© Dohg Pool Party

This party gets things going for the Festival L'Era

This is the most electronic part of the Festival L'Era, and it's inspired by US pool parties as a way for fans of the genre to hear some excellent electronica. All efforts are focused on creating a daytime event that has the authentic spirit of a night-time celebration - because, let's be honest, the countryside and electronic music have always been comfortable bedfellows. 

The festival includes a programme combining up-and-coming groups and DJs with established local artists. It's a great place for new acts and a public interested in the country's musical culture to come together. 

This year, Era Electrònica has a really excellent line-up: Pional, Woodini, Playless, Inner Cut, Mans O and DJohnston. It's set to be a true marathon of the great and the good of electronic music. Grab your sunscreen and towel, and let's head for Era