Fires de Girona 2016: Oques Grasses

Oques grasses
Oques grasses

The Catalan group bring us their pop-reggae sound

Doing things without thinking about it means you can achieve things you might never have considered. By following principles like that, Catalan group Oques Grasses have positioned themselves as one of the most popular on the current music scene with their combination of lively pop-reggae. At the Fires de Girona, they'll be presenting 'You Poni' (Beverly Hills, 2016), a new work where the band take us through the sounds of Jamaica, Cuba, New Orleans, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Tropics, and, closer to home, Catalonia particularly Osona, Muntanyola and Sant Quirze de Safaja. Ready for a party full of reggae, pop, rumba, Med folk and fusion rock?

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