Fires de Girona 2016: Xarim Aresté

Xarim Aresté
© Scott Chasserot Xarim Aresté

The 'bluesman of the Ebre' presents his latest album

Singer of Very Pomelo, collaborator with numerous Catalan and Spanish musicians such as Maika Maiakovski, Sanjosex, Paul Fuster, Josele Santiago and Gerard Quintana, and the man known as the 'bluesman of the Ebre' comes to Girona to present his latest album, 'La rosada'. It's an album where Xarim Aresté leaves to one side his usual way of playing the guitar to find a fresh new way to relate to his habitual instrument. The guitar is the basis of everything, yes, but it doesn't grab the protagonism and instead is like a cushion, serving the most basic needs of each song.