Fires de Girona 2016: Xavi Sarrià and Feliu Ventura

Xavi Sarrià i Feliu Ventura
© Àlex Belza Xavi Sarrià i Feliu Ventura

Catalan and Valencia musicians come together for an intimate, emotional performance

'Totes les cançons parlen de tu' ('All the songs are about you') is the title of the latest novel by the singer of Obrint Pas, Xavi Sarrià, and also the title of this show with the singer-songwriter Feliu Ventura, which marks his return to the stage. The artists and friends (the two were at university in Valencia together in the 1990s) star in a special recital, an intimate gathering in the shape of an atypical concert. The show is an emotional journey to a common past that features the songs that have created the soundtrack to their lives, as well as their own classics that are part of Catalonia's recent soundtrack.

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