Temporada Alta 2016: Paul Fuster

Music, Rock and indie
Paul Fuster

Fuster performs songs from his new disc, 'Go/Between'

Unpredictable, unorthodox and two great passions: for writing songs and making bicycles. Paul Fuster is a US singer-songwriter who has Catalan roots; he has one foot in New York and the other in the central Catalan town of Cardona. Following four years of silence, the musician returns with a new record, 'Go/Between'. It's a raw project, direct and honest where you can hear the harmony between the guitars that Fuster himself has made, using wood, washing-machines, car bonets and steel. It's also the portrait of a man who has left everything behind and started again without filters or tricks. Paul Fuster has the ability to convert any improvised melody into an instant classic, and he'll doubtless prove it once more here. 

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