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Mobles Joan Nierga

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Mobles J.Nierga, Girona
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Indestructible furniture that lasts a lifetime and is totally artisanal

It doesn't matter how many years go pass, and this place will still be there. Don't be suspicious of it just because you don't see anybody there. All Girona residents and lots of visitors head to Can Nierga when they want something that will last forever and can't find it anywhere else. The high chair for the first grandchild that all the others will use, an indestructible set of drawers, some kitchen chairs to keep for many years that can be painted and painted agin, and a basket to go hunting for wild mushrooms are just a few of the wood and wicker objects that you'll find in this personal and very local furniture shop. But don't think that you'll only find practical items there, that would be too boring: they also make our favourite rocking-horses. As they also accept orders, we'll take a risk on saying that it's the ideal place to go and get one if you're still suffering a childhood trauma because you never had one as a youngster and now you measure 5'7".



Address: Albereda, 1

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