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La sabateria Vintage
© Maria Dias La sabateria Vintage

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A Girona cobbler that makes made-to-measure shoes

Now that mobile phones are nothing more than an extension of our arms, we don't know how to live without WiFi and an anxiety attack isn't far away if the electricity goes off, some people in Girona have decided to go back to the good old days. And with no need for the Tardis. Vintage, located just off Plaça de la Independència, is a shop that makes shoes to measure using artisanal methods. You choose the design of the shoe and they'll make it for you. Simple as that. And all for the price of some eight or ten G&Ts! But be prepared to wait for your new footwear for about a month, because the process is slow and the waiting list long. 

By: Aída Pallarès



Address: Anselm Clavé, 10

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