Temporada Alta 2016: Afasians

Theatre, Experimental
Los Corderos
Los Corderos

Two companies come together for a new theatrical experience

It's the most important and at the same time most irrelevant event in the world of science. The first declarations of the Afasians, a tribe that has discovered the destruction of the 'I' and has opened the box with Schrödinger's cat, the only cat according to quantum physics that is alive and dead at the same time. After the wild 'Es Perimental' (2012), the unclassifiable loscorderos.sc ('La banda de la fi del món' from Temporada Alta 2015) and the innovative Za! (winners of the City of Barcelona Prize for 'Loloismo') once more join forces to create a theatrical experience in the form of a conference. In fact, it's no conference and the Afasians are no tribe and neither have they made any discovery, but laughter is assured. Experimentation, craziness and lucidity at Temporada Alta. 

1 person listening