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Cul de la Lleona

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El cul de la lleona
© Maria Dias El cul de la lleona

Kissing the bottom of a stone lioness is one of the most popular traditions among visitors to Girona.

If you're walking through Plaça Sant Fèlix and see someone kissing the bottom ('cul') of the stone lioness there, don't be too surprised! It's said that many years ago, on C/Calderes stood L'hostal de la Lleona (The Lioness Hostel). The main claim to fame of this establishment was a column built into the wall that had a stone lioness climbing up it. Everybody who went past it could, without making too much effort, touch its behind. As such it turned into one of those customs that some places see develop out of nothing. Indeed, it became so popular that visitors to Girona were told that if they touched the creature's backside, they would never leave the city, or, if they did, they would be sure to return. Over time, the custom has changed and rather than touching the bottom, it became traditional to give it a kiss. Just in case, we suggest that you follow the custom, to make certain that, if you're not from Girona, you'll be back one day.


Venue name: Cul de la Lleona
Address: Pl Sant Fèlix

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