Fires de Girona 2016: Correfoc

Things to do, Fireworks
© fototip / Correfoc

Watch or even join in with this spectacular 'fire run'

Even though there is a long tradition of devils in Catalan culture, the Correfoc (which literally translates as 'fire run', and is a word invented by Catalan poet Joan Brossa) as it's known today was invented in 1979, and was inspired by a display of fantastic beasts. The event, which also has roots in traditions such as the 'ball de diables' ('devil dances') from the 14th century and sees 'devils' dance among the crowds carrying sticks loaded with firecrackers, was an instant hit and spread rapidly to many of the local festivities celebrated in towns around Catalonia. At this year's Fires de Girona, the event is organised by the Diables de l'Onyar (Onyar Devils) group, starting in Plaça del Vi before heading to Plaça de Sant Domènec. If it rains, the event will be postponed to the same time on November 5. If you want to participate, make sure you dress to cover every part of your body, especially your face, eyes and hair.

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