Mirador de l'Aeroport

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Mirador de l'aeroport de Girona
Mirador de l'aeroport de Girona. /Carles Palacio
Mirador de l'aeroport de Girona
Mirador de l'aeroport de Girona. /Carles Palacio
Mirador de l'aeroport de Girona
Mirador de l'aeroport de Girona. /Carles Palacio

The perfect place to watch planes taking off and landing

See the enormous white underside of an airplane up close, hear the deafening sound as it takes off, enjoy the astonishing spectacle of seeing how those iron contraptions are capable of taking off with such ease - it's all a fascinating spectacle and experience for the senses, and kids will love it. At the Girona Costa Brava airport, despite the reduction in Ryanair flights, there's still a regular flow of planes landing and taking off. Years ago, you would have had to wait up to two hours between planes, and families would set up their picnic tables on the north side of the aerodrome's runway. Times have changed, and the frequency of flight arrivals and departures means there's much less down time, and less people going there for an outing. But there are more families that head there for the singular experience of feeling even their spleens shaking when a plane passes overhead, and for parents to see the look of amazement on their children's faces when these see those marvellous flying machines up close. 

By: Dani Chicano


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