San Jacinto Museum

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San Jacinto Museum

Towering over the Houston Ship Channel, the San Jacinto Monument is the tallest war memorial in the nation, standing 15 feet higher than the Washington Monument. The 570-foot obelisk—topped by a massive 220-ton Lone Star of Texas—pays tribute to those who fought on this field, winning Texas its independence from Mexico in 1836. The outstanding San Jacinto Museum at its base contains a number of fascinating artifacts from the Texas Revolution and subsequent Republic, and is also the access point for the all-important elevator to the summit. From up here, beneath the 34-foot Lone Star, you can enjoy panoramic views of the battlefield, the bustling ship canal and the city skyline beyond.

By: Jonathan Thompson


Venue name: San Jacinto Museum
Address: 1 Monument Cir
La Porte

Opening hours: Daily 9am–6pm
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