Authentic Relating Games Night : Requests And Consent

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Authentic Relating Games Night : Requests And Consent
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Authentic Relating Games Night : Requests And Consent says
Asking for what we want is a practice. Making clear requests is an art. Sharing the impact of the request even before we answer can bring a deeper level of truth and intimacy with self and other. This Games Night we wil explore layers of "Would You?, May I? and the bounderies of Yes, No and something in between.

Authentic Relating is a practice that offers varying levels of depth and nuance to language, self-inquiry and emotional intelligence, while making a powerful impact that ripples through every fiber of our being and our life. Getting real, being real and feeling authentically connected to others can nourish a deep hunger, while actually being alot of fun.

AR Games Nights are events where we get to practice and play relating games with the over arching intention of connection and intimacy. By experiencing these “games” within a container of held agreements, there is a likely possibility for you to experience life with more texture and aliveness.

Our AR Games are designed to create connection and elicit vulnerability while having fun and trying something new.

Here is how that might occur.

-- Sitting down with a complete stranger for five minutes and walking away like they're family.

-- Hearing from others how they experience you, in real-time.

-- Finding out what you really want, and saying it.

If any of that sounds scary, we've got you covered: None of our activities are compulsory, and whichever "you" wants to show up is welcome. There's no right or wrong way to play, and the games are designed to keep you in charge of your own experience (no peer pressure!).

Your first night is FREE. After that, we ask for a $10 donation to cover rent. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
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