Book Launch Party For Soraya: Sonnets

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Book Launch Party For Soraya: Sonnets
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Book Launch Party For Soraya: Sonnets says
Please support your local indie bookstore and order directly from Brazos Bookstore to be sure you have your copy of the book for signing at the event. Thank you, and this is the link to preorder:

A lively reading of the sonnets by the author and various other participants, discussion of surrealist poetics moderated by a surprise guest (well-known in the Houston writing community), and drinks and food.

This is the launch of Soraya: Sonnets, the much-awaited book of 100 highly experimental surrealist sonnets, to be released on June 7, 2016 by Black Widow Press, premier American publishers of surrealist writing.

The book has received advance praise from Harvey Hix, Fady Joudah, Nick Twemlow, and Tony Trigilio, and the book jacket describes the content thus:

A surrealist sonnet must look like a sonnet but wear triple hats, folded into each other like waves clashing into music. A surrealist sonnet is to Shakespeare and Petrarch what poison gas is to the generals commanding trench warfare. A surrealist sonnet makes of a sunset something you view only when you close the eye, it makes a rainbow appear in your pot of water, a lioness’s mane disappear over your head in the mirror. A surrealist sonnet is a disappearing act to which you are invited because you are not sure if your identity is that of a whale or a monkey. A surrealist sonnet forces you to drink water off a splashing waterfall so large and uncontainable it makes the rivers that flow from it mere postscripts. You can never drown in a surrealist sonnet. Likewise you cannot come away thirsty. A surrealist sonnet is a waterline above the city’s highest skyscrapers, it is endowed with outsized bosom and hips, it wears its hear loose like a string of symphonies, it flows above the daily humdrum in a style of absurd exploding binging color, but you know that you made it happen, the surrealist sonnet happened only because you are there to comprehend/misunderstand it. So here are a hundred of the very best of them, dancing like beacons of joy, singing like the crows of silence when they sing in their heart. This is a party to which all are invited, but know that the host is a flagrant offender, he has been in prison all his life, he was born in prison and will die in prison, so he offers only the hope of liberation to the singing swans and rousting rebels amongst you.

So put on your surrealist hats, and bring your most challenging questions about poetics to this book launch!
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