Commanding Success In Your Business

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Commanding Success In Your Business
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Commanding Success In Your Business says
Do you know that there is something the way of you allowing success to reveal itself but don't know what that something is? Do you know that you are meant for great success but have no idea what that looks like? Are you ready to be amazed by your own potential and accept your own greatness but don't know how? The power of instantaneous change in ThetaHealing® lies in the COMMAND and witnessing of the changes we desire. In computing, a COMMAND is a directive given to a computer program acting as an interpreter, in order to perform a specific task. In the bible, God entrusted Moses with 10 COMMANDMENTS on Mount Sinai to serve as principles of moral behavior for the human race or non-violation, as I call it. In the military, to have COMMAND over any body or troop is to take authority and lead them to carry out the will of one higher in command. Similarly, if the human physical body is simply a legion of cells, we can command the cells to eradicate unwanted or toxic elements. What does all this have to do with success? If we are not commanding success in our business then it's subject to the many programs we have had running since our conception. That's right, the programs that mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, great grands, and our ancestors had running can still be running in us today.

Programs like:
"I have to work hard, long hours, to survive."
"I'll never make that much money."
"Running a business is hard work."
"I'll never make ends meet."
"I don't know enough to do anything else."

can sabotage our success again and again if we don't change them at the belief level to align with what success looks like for us. One of the advantages of believing that we are the creators of our reality is we get to define words like "success". Knowing what success looks like is the only way we can actualize it. Ideas, imagining, visualizing, hearing the praise, feeling what it's like to…, all play a part in creation. While in a focused theta state, we can command that feelings and beliefs be changed and within seconds, feel calm, relaxed and ready to accept whatever comes. This month's meetups are about commanding success in your business. Gratefully, my profits have increased by 75% in the last two months by simply changing my definition of success and being open to multiple forms of income.

Come find out what command will open you up, allow success to flow, and reveal the reality you prefer!

Hosted by: Brandy Deutsch
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By: Renewu4life

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