Converting Social Media Followers To Email Superfans

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Converting Social Media Followers To Email Superfans
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Converting Social Media Followers To Email Superfans says
Do you have a love-hate relationship with email? I know that I do.

Have you experienced that sinking feeling of opening the inbox to multiple unread messages? It might make you hesitant to regularly send email to your list of followers. Who would want to cause that kind of pain?

Yet, we all have heard that we need to build a strong email list in ADDITION to our social media presence.

If you know you need to build an email list, but are hesitant or just don’t know how, this is the speaker for you! Social media is a great way to get people interested in what you do, email is the way to become part of their world. But not just any email will do.

What if people saw your name and wanted to open your email? What if they knew every time they did, they would get value? We will teach you how to do that during our talk with Kirsten Oliphant.

We will also discuss how to capture email from your social media followers and what to send them to turn them into superfans of your brand, organization, blog or product. Some of the questions we will answer include:

- What are the reasons to build an email list? Don’t we already have enough email out there?
- How do you convert social media followers into email subscribers? - How is different on each platform?
- Will you overwhelm and irritate people by sending too much email? - How can you avoid this?
- What types of email should we be sending?
- How to write a killer welcome series, and what is a welcome series anyway?
- Does it matter if your email list is very small?
- What tools should you be using to make email easier and still not depersonalized?

Don’t miss it, live at Canopy on Montrose. Or, if you can’t attend live, you can also watch this event via live stream from the Houston Social Media Breakfast Facebook page:

Need a reminder?

Click on this link to add this event to your calendar. Just choose your calendar button and it will automatically add it and remind you one day before the event. Change your settings to 10 minutes if you plan to watch via livestream.


Kirsten Oliphant, Writer & Podcaster, Create If Writing
Kirsten Oliphant is a writer with a master's degree in fiction who is now hosting the Create If Writing podcast and community. Her focus is on platform-building and forming authentic connections with readers using techniques that don't feel smarmy. She has built a thriving email list for her community and teaches on the subject of building and maintaining a vibrant email list.

Website/Blog Address:
Twitter URL: https://
Facebook Page URL: https://www. kirstenSOliphant
Instagram URL: http:// kikimojo
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By: Houston Social Media Breakfast