Dualities By Ryan Francisco

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Dualities By Ryan Francisco
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Dualities By Ryan Francisco says
Duende Art Project invites you to the opening reception of Ryan Francisco's solo photography exhibition, Dualities, on Friday, April 22nd from 6-9pm.


Body. Movement. Space. Time.

If I had to decide on a theme that embodies my work, it would be based on four concepts: body, movement, space, and time. From each individual concept, I build the platform my ideas arise from.

I am very intrigued by the human body. I believe the body itself is its own artwork of personification that can stand alone.
In my work, I try to capture the simplicity of the body through movement and form. I think it is amazing how your hands or legs can create a beautiful shape due to how you position your body. I am very fond of capturing movement, particularly dance. I view dance as an outlet for the emotions or for a story to be told through the expression of the body. With space, I tend to play with the idea of scale. By playing or manipulating the object within a particular space, I can control how I want it to be portrayed. When it comes to timing, I believe you have to have a sharp sense of being able to capture moments in between actions and thoughts.

As human beings, our actions are constantly overlapping each other and what I find interesting are the small transitions leading into that particular moment.
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By: The Duende Art Project