Fit & Form – Get Your Bike And Body Working Together

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Fit & Form –  Get Your Bike And Body Working Together
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Fit & Form – Get Your Bike And Body Working Together says
Fit & Form – get your bike and body working together

(Good first step if you plan on riding the MS150 2016)

meet & chat 6:00 – 6:30 pm
Class 6:30 – 7:30 pm
FREE – RSVP requested, limited seating

When your bike feels good it is so much easier and fun to train! Bike pain issues typically fall into 2 areas. Either your bike needs to fit you better, or you have a muscular imbalance that is throwing your riding off.

Tonight – we have both sides covered!

Proper fit on a bicycle is just as important to new riders as it is to experienced cyclists. A good fit improves comfort and speed. Come learn from our bike fit expert, Cynthia Stewart, how to improve the way your bicycle fits you. We will explore common fit issues that can cause pain in the saddle, the feet, the hands, and the shoulders. A good fit can alleviate these issues, as well as increase your overall performance. If you want to ride if you want to ride in the MS150 2016 or even just for fun, feeling good on your bike is important!

The Houston Egoscue Clinic has many bicycle enthusiasts as clients come to the clinic because they find that they are out of balance on or off the bike. Consider a high-performance car, like a Ferrari, driving on a bent frame. When the alignment is off the car, simply can''t perform correctly. A rider and bicycle functioning together are somewhat similar to that Ferrari. The vast majority of folks go from being sedentary throughout the day to biking. Any misalignment of the cyclist’s physical frame will be magnified on the bicycle. The result is poor performance, soreness, and injury. The solution is to bring, and keep, your body in natural balance with consistent, simple exercises. Tonight, we will learn a few moves from pain relief specialist, Kristina McDaniel, that will make you feel good in the saddle again.

Our Experts for the Evening:

Cynthia Stewart is one of the most qualified bicycle fitters in the nation. She has managed the Bike Barn Custom Fit Studio for over 9 years and has been an avid cyclist for nearly 20 years, enjoying both racing and recreational riding.

Kristina McDaniel has owed Egoscue Houston for over 6 years. She is a specialist in non-medical pain relief. Hundreds of Houstonians have learned the techniques to free themselves of short and long term chronic pain, and back into their active lifestyles!

Kelly Howard of Bayou City Outdoors will be facilitating the event - see you there!


It's a free session but please let us know you are coming. We look forward to sharing this information with cyclists of all abilities. We will have a Meet & Chat from 6:30 to 7:00 with beverages and the class begins at 7:00 pm. This will be a discussion ONLY please do not bring your bike

RSVP at Additional info call 713-524-3567 or e-mail to
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By: Bayou City Outdoors