High Functioning Flesh / Body Of Light / Buoyant Spirit / Spit Mask / Fantasy Ritual (Dj Sets)

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High Functioning Flesh / Body Of Light / Buoyant Spirit / Spit Mask / Fantasy Ritual (Dj Sets)
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High Functioning Flesh / Body Of Light / Buoyant Spirit / Spit Mask / Fantasy Ritual (Dj Sets) says
Instinctive EBM laced punk from Los Angeles own High-Functioning Flesh cuts through the discord with their sophomore album, Definite Structures. Formed in southern California in 2012 following the conclusion of their previous musical endeavors, Gregory Vand and Susan Subtract came together fusing their backgrounds and aesthetics of industrial, punk, and noise to model songs that were collected on their debut album, A Unity of Miseries, A Misery of Unities, on Atlanta based electro label DKA Records.

Referencing the rack mount synthesis and accented drum machine strikes of 80’s bands like Portion Control and Nitzer Ebb, HFF main-lined their punk resumes into the reaction causing a signature chemtrail of martial techno-inspired electronic mayhem shredded through a vocally dystopian finality. The past 3 years have launched HFF from a handful of lo-fi flashback demos to aggressively realized synth/punk dance floor anthems, carving out a sound that would let you think that HFF has warped time to an era completely their own.

Formed in the Spring of 2011, Body of Light have proved to be a prolific force within the modern synth scene. From the archaic drones of their first releases, to their new heavy cinematic pop ballads and darkwave sounds, the two brothers are no strangers when it comes to pushing the boundaries of underground music. Having worked together and separately in previous projects such as Otro Mundo, Blue Krishna, Somali Extract, and Memorymann (among the few), whilst unveiling over a dozen visual, audio, and written works via the Ascetic House Collective, Alex and Andrew Jarson have released an abundant amount of work within a fairly short amount of time. Body of Light is simply one extension of that method of experimentation.
Hesitant to define themselves strictly as a synth-pop act, the Jarson brothers incorporate a wide variety of sounds—they are attempting to construct a path, unique with decaying, warbled tape loops, old VHS home-movie sound samples from their childhood, digital and analog sound waves, and unique vocals buried in effects. Their idea is to utilize past and present technologies in a way that feels unique, new, and more importantly, honest. With multiple cassette releases to date, including Follow The Current, Lustre, Universal Sin, Volantà Di Amore and Limits of Reason, the project has established a sound and iconography that seem unusual in conjunction, though aesthetically and sonically rich.




Doors: 8 pm/ $7 Advance / $10 Door / ALL AGES
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By: Walter's Downtown

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