Htx Full (((Moon))) Cruise: Pink Moon

Htx Full (((Moon))) Cruise: Pink Moon
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Htx Full (((Moon))) Cruise: Pink Moon says
“Can you ask Mother Nature to be understand my western commercialistic used of the gregorian calendar?”
“I want to ride your ride but I have a real job.”

For all those who are waiting for the (((MOON))) to shine its luny-bin beams on a Friday, well here you go!! The HTX FULL (((MOON))) CRUISE: PINK MOON is upon us. The PHLOX is a pink flower that thrives early in the spring season. Being the first to bud is colorful petals.

{Friday rides bring a bigger crowd of first time riders to the (((MOON))). There will be several social cycling activities before the (((M))) starts late in the night. I will re-iterate the THINGS TO KNOW.}

- Respect is a reciprocal behavior.
- I don't tell you where we are going. If you ask I will just say, "To The moon!"
-This is a social ride with the EM-PHA-SIS on riding.
-There are several pace speeds with in the ride.
-Prepare your equipment/supplies properly before the ride. We end up in the most random parts of Houston.
- “SOBRIETY” & “HYDRATION” are your responsibility.
-You DO NOT have to compromise your views on Laws or Religion to have a good time.
-Respect is a reciprocal behavior

***As always, RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK, having LIGHTS on your bike at night is a good idea and it's always prudent to have at least enough EQUIPMENT TO CHANGE FLATS & FIRST-AID & CELL PHONE. We try not to drop any riders, but it can happen, so being prepared is wise.
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