Ignite The Body: Free Dance With Live Improvised Music

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Ignite The Body: Free Dance With Live Improvised Music
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Ignite The Body: Free Dance With Live Improvised Music says
IGNITE THE BODY is an event focused on the relationship between live improvised music & free dance. It is hosted in a venue which nourishes the full range of personal expression, & provides the opportunity for personal transformation.

The theme for this week is "COMMITMENT AND THE HANDS"

-How do we bring committment into our dance?
-What is our internal relationship with the idea of commitment?
-How does the body represent & show commitment?
-How does our commitment to the dance radiate into the commitments in our daily living?
-Are we creating commitments from a space of intuition or fear?

This will be a completely FREE DANCE ENVIRONMENT, anything can & will happen that needs to happen. The main purpose of this event is to create a safe and sacred container for our personal and collective expression & transformation (AND TO ENJOY OURSELVES!!!). The most important ingredient for a magical night is an open heart & mind. All dance experience levels and ages are welcome! See you on the dance floor!

IMPROVISED MUSIC: We will be harnessing the power of the present moment to create wild and diverse sound journeys for all present. We will be utilizing a loose visual "Music Score", which will serve to inspire the musicians time passes... The STORY which unfolds is entirely up the the energy of the night...

When playing improvised music, the musician is offered the opportunity to connect deeply with the energy of the environment and all those within it, thus allowing for a truly unique and radiant relationship between musician and dancer. When the musician or dancer give themselves to the present moment, they are offered the opportunity for deep & authentic connection. The music at this event will likely range from VERY SPACEOUS TO VERY ENGAGING and will fluctuate depending upon the energy of the night & those present, so please come with PATIENCE IN YOUR HEART & FIRE IN YOUR TOES!!

PRACTICALS: **We will begin with an opening circle at 7 pm, please show up 15 to 30 minutes early so you have time to settle in, stretch, relax, and feel the space before the dance begins. I feel it is important that everyone who will participate be there for the opening and closing circles, so please come on time and be prepared to stay till the end of the dance. If you MUST come late or leave early that is A-OK too, but I find it very valuable to see every set of eyes and hear any feedback from each person involved in the dance so we can move forward in building the energy of this event from the ground up.**

Music by: JACAMO BAND -
Bobby Levy- guitar, flute, vocal, percussion
Camille Rowdon- vocals, movement
Michael Sgarlata- guitar, sax, vocals, percussion
Richard Wooten- drums & percussion
Addison Freeman- fiddle & mandolin

Event exchange: 10$ - 20$ Sliding Scale (GIVE WHAT YOU CAN) :)
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