Ktru Presents: Mouthing, Mariner (Mo), Plxtx At Matchbox Gallery

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Ktru Presents: Mouthing, Mariner (Mo), Plxtx At Matchbox Gallery
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Ktru Presents: Mouthing, Mariner (Mo), Plxtx At Matchbox Gallery says
Come see some really great performers at the lovely Matchbox Gallery Friday, September 9th. The gallery is on Rice University campus located in the pit behind Sewell Hall.

Doors: 8:30pm
Show: 9:00pm

PLEASE respect the art. Any disrespect to the gallery will get your ass thrown out immediately.


MOUTHING - Pessimistic screaming lean sipping whiskey bottle destroying noise enthusiasts
MARINER (St. Louis MO) - Emotional melodies with a powerful delivery. Think if Sunny day Real Estate and 90s screamo band Saetia said "fuck it, lets just combine our bands" and you get mariner.
PLXTX - The electronic genius himself in your presence to guide you through a world of hyper lights and sound.



Meagan Dwyer's installation, Inner Light, explores the power and complexity of one’s own emotions and manifests them in fluid, organic glowing forms that engulf the viewer in an ethereal cave-like space. The idea of "Inner Light" comes from our innermost feelings and emotions that we often struggle to identify, acknowledge, and label. The space changes in color to reflect the sudden shifts in mood and feeling-- colors change the way the viewer interprets different shapes and forms in the space since we naturally associate different colors with distinct themes. Contrasting forms are placed near each other to further complicate our human understanding of emotion and our inability to concretely find a single term to describe our every mood.
The installation itself is meant to serve as a meditative space where the viewer may come to terms with these emotions that we are often afraid to recognize-- the feelings we bury under our over-committed, busy lives.
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