Land Scapes Opening Reception

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Land Scapes   Opening Reception
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Land Scapes Opening Reception says
(Land)Scapes explores the introduction of dynamic elements into a traditionally static concept. Adding the contingency of time to their works, the artists in this exhibition reconfigure the landscape concept as icons of activity, both real and transformational.

In his series "Lament", John Speck Jr. draws attention to the materiality of photographs and the memories it captures by allowing the images to slowly disappear. The fading images are reminiscent of the impermanence of materials, objects or mental processes.

Jim Malone draws Big Bend vistas with almost photographic precision. Including the local fauna as inserts like in old natural science folios; his landscapes resemble dynamic ecosystems hinting at the complexity of otherwise barren scenery.

Hank Schyma, also known as Pecos Hank, is a professional photographer and an extreme storm chaser. He will investigate any tornado roaring across the countryside and will bring back striking images of the unhinged fury of nature.

Lillian Warren's "Waitscapes" depict a dystopian future where solitary people move, wait or communicate in artificial environments devoid of any nature.
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By: Rudolph Blume Fine Art Artscan Gallery