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Mutant Tailgate
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Mutant Tailgate says
/-(Oo),@);._..@. gurgle... /(@;))'";.. gou(ghc)ough ..;((@)o(gahO@)',.?)\);,.. gnnnnngh !

It's alive. ALIVE!

The Toxic Avengers and the Festering Pustules are playing for the championship in the infamously bloody Toilet Bowl. No, we aren't talking about the presidential race. This is a Mutant Tailgate!

This is dress up for your car and campout on a downtown parking garage rooftop.

Whether you are a Nuclear Zombie fan or root for the Hellfire Club, this is what you have been waiting for. Harness your inner Turtle Power and join us for the Mutant Tailgate.

( ( ( __/(@) (@)\__ ) ) )
O""' O\MVVVM/O'""O
{__o__} {__o__}

We don't need the anticipation of a real sporting event to congregate at a designated place with our vehicles while we cook burgers, listen to music and get rowdy. We can make it up. Like in the days of pubescent yore, all we need is a space. We have that space: a rooftop parking garage downtown.

Bring out your art cars, your beaters, your bohemeth full size trucks (6'5" clearance), your decked and modified sporty show cars, your fancy fancy and your ughh. Throw a wicked costume on the regular old or hang some orange and black streamers from the hatchback. Lay an animal skin on the hood. Dry ice, spiderwebs, party lights, hand out candy and blast the Monster Mash. It's Post-Halloween for your car. It's hell on wheels. It's a trunk or treat.

� Haksaw Man, Houston's original horror rock band

� Ak'chamel, mutant alien psychodelia

� Sonic Rabbit Hole, pornography disco written by def mutes with no thumbs

� Kava Kabana, Htown's first and only Kava bar

� Toxic Cinema - video jam session for all your nuclear classics

� Bar in the Middle of Nowhere

� Parking Gallery for both Beaters and Beauties

� Cacious Games Inc. - Beta Wave test of their new LARP "Gamma" (limited availability). Big foam weapons welcome.

� Rogue Hash - 1am Mutant Dress Run through the downtown streets for last call

*This is a leave no trace event. Pack out what you pack in or consume while there.
*All precedents of a regular tailgate apply. Make food, play your music, party at your car.
*Generators, sound systems and big lights are cool, if you want to go that extra mile.
*Don't drink and drive. Have a designated driver or stay the night. Camping is allowed.
*Garage ceiling clearance 6 feet 5 inches.
*No driving around during the event. Park it and leave it until you leave.
*Suggested donation on a sliding scale of 10 - 25$ (25$ a car - 20$ decorated and beaters - 10$ pedestrians, bikes and true art cars)
*All participants must be 21+.

Yes, people are encouraged to get spooky in costumes, too.

Trunk or treat, smell my fumes
Give me some bass! to feel the boom
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By: southmorehouse presents

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