Nation Presents E.E.5 W/ Traxx, Ngly, & Jordan

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Nation Presents E.E.5 W/ Traxx, Ngly, & Jordan
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Nation Presents E.E.5 W/ Traxx, Ngly, & Jordan says
E.E.5 Houston

NgLy Live(Nation, L.I.E.S., CCCP)1st time US Debut
Jordan Live(Nation, Kstarke)US Debut

Dek Player:

Opening Prelude:
Joshua Cordova


Sound provided by Audio Visual Professional Group, Inc.


The Modern Electronic Element series has been an exposition undertaken by Chicago’s Nation “designed to show different aspects within Jakbeat”, and was inaugurated back in 2008 with a 12″ featuring the Chicago label’s core crew of Traxx, JTC, D’Marc Cantu, and Beau Wanzer. The second edition, issued in 2011, saw Nation open the series to some like-minded artists with contributions from Jamal Moss as I.B.M., Steve Summers, Baris K, Mick Wills, and Tevo Howard. If you remain tuned into Nation through its preferred channels of communication, you will no doubt be aware of the label’s plans to unleash a third edition of The Modern Electronic Element. Previews of tracks from the compilation have appeared over time on the label’s SoundCloud, and it became clear to us that Nation was undertaking something special.

Earlier this month, a greater picture formed for this third edition with Nation revealing it would take shape in a 25-track seven-LP box set due for release later this year featuring a swathe of compelling artists and projects. Svengalisghost, Andreas Gehm’s Elec Pt.1 project, Gavin Russom, D’Marc Cantu, Darrin Huss of Psyche, Specter, Beau Wanzer, NGLY, and JTC are amongst the contributors along with some names less familiar.


Witnessing Nation head Traxx manipulate music is a self-evident spiritual experience, one of illumination, truth, emotional depth and suspension of time. When he is at the controls, anything is possible.


NGLY is hitting the US for the first time performing live. His brilliant LIES 19.5 by NGLY was an instant classic. Speechless Tape from that record was IFM's number 1 cut of last year. Here's just a taste of what's in store:


Making an entrance performing live.
His track from "The House Jackmaster Hater Built" was his
introduction alongside the current generation of lo-fi house
producers, bringing an altogether different approach with
sci-fi wierdness...less is more..
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