Natty Wine Night At 13 Celsius

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Natty Wine Night At 13 Celsius
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Natty Wine Night At 13 Celsius says
According to a recent article in Imbibe Magazine, "Five years ago, natural wines (a.k.a. natty wines) were a part of a fringe movement in the wine world, but today they're part of the mainstream wine conversation." In the same article, our very own Mike Sammons adds, "Now, in Houston, natural wines have become something that any wine program worth its salt is aware of and will, at the very least, bring in one or two to add to its arsenal."

Although many winemakers have their own definition of a natural wine, for us, it is the truest expression of what a wine can be through minimal intervention of man. There is no legal term to describe them and no body governing them. We feel though, that these are wines that have captured a moment in time through the energy in the soil, the grapes and the position of the stars. These wines are still alive. Natural wines do not use any chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, and are all organic and in most cases biodynamic. They are unfined and unfiltered and use minimal (if any) sulphur. These wines are the most honest versions of what a wine could be -- straight fermented grape juice and nothing more. If you were to imagine what wine was undoubtedly like hundreds of years ago, before modern technology, it would taste like natural wines.

At 13, we have always had a taste for the unique and off-the-beaten path, and natty wines take the cake. We would like to spread the gospel of these unique wines each Tuesday in June as we feature a different flight of three or four from around the world.

Natty Wine Night
Every Tuesday in June
4 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Prices will vary per flight each week, $13-$25 (not including tax and gratuity).
No reservation necessary.
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