Part 1: Peter J. Woods, Scott Ayers, Gerritt Wittmer

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Part 1: Peter J. Woods, Scott Ayers, Gerritt Wittmer
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Part 1: Peter J. Woods, Scott Ayers, Gerritt Wittmer says
Immediately following the openeing of the solo exhibition "Ode To Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy" by Andy Grotfeldt (, Peter J. Woods, Scott Ayers, and Gerritt Wittmer will begin a two part concert series, starting January 7th after the opening for Andy Grotfeldt's exhibit, and continuing the next weekend on January 14th (Information on the 14th TBA shortly).

Peter J. Woods
While he splits his time equally between curating shows, running a label and playing in numerous groups, Milwaukee artist Peter J Woods' solo work resides within its own universe. Pulling equally from the worlds of harsh noise and absurdist theatre, Woods' performances build a sense of terror from simple imagery, muted text and an unpredictable barrage of silence and sound. His most recent project, "Impure Gold," represents this aesthetic and thematic sensibility through a multi-media approach that includes writing, theatre, concerts, photography and film. Woods has worked with a number of musical groups, from punk and metal bands like Galactic Cannibal and Mountain Language to collaborations with a wide range of experimental artists, including Olivia Block, Tatsuya Nakatani, xALLxFORxTHISx, Alex Kmet, Phoned Nil Trio, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Faculty members Chris Burns and Amanda Schoofs. He has toured across the country off and on for close to a decade, performing at events such as End Tymes Festival in New York and Eugene Noise Fest in Oregon, alongside artists such as Negativland, The Haters, Hiroshi Hasegawa, and more. Woods also runs FTAM, a record label and concert promotion organization that hosts a wide range of shows, including the annual Milwaukee Noise Festival for the first eight years and the St Louis Noise Fest for two. His theatre work has been shown at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, the Chicago Sketch and Comedy Festival, and the Sensoria series at UW-Milwaukee.

Scott Ayers
Scott Ayers is an American musician, best known as the guitarist and keyboardist for the noise rock band Pain Teens based in Houston, Texas. He has also released solo albums under the moniker Walking Timebombs and is involved with bands local to Texas, including Anarchitex, Exterminating Angels and Geltab. Scott currently plays guitar in the band Frog Hair.

Gerritt Wittmer
Gerritt Wittmer is a sound and performance artist based in Oakland, California. His work often articulates abstract narratives through vocal expression, body performance, and intense theatrical lighting. He has performed and recorded as Gerritt, Ginnungagap (with Stephen O'Malley and Tim Wyskida), Deathroes (with Sixes), and has performed and/or collaborated on projects with Sunn O))), Sissy Spacek, John Wiese, and Paul Knowles. He is the vocalist for the band Names and also directs the publishing house Misanthropic Agenda.
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