Presidential Debate Then Idiocracy

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Presidential Debate Then Idiocracy
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Presidential Debate Then Idiocracy says
Its time! We'll be showing the 2016 Presidential debate on the projector at 8pm with audio. We will be playing the timely film Idiocracy after the film around 9:30. There are several great debate drinking games to play, but feel free to make up your own phrases.
We are also tapping several Firestone Walker beers tonight (Parabola, Stickee Monkee, Stivo)
(We will do a makeup movie night for Jumanji soon)
Heres some more phrases:
- When either Trump or Clinton says their campaign slogan, drink. ("Make America Great Again" for Trump and "Stronger Together" for Clinton.)
- When Trump assures America that he “knows more about ISIS than the generals,” drink.
- When Clinton diverts a question about her emails, drink.
- When Trump insists that Mexico will pay for the wall, take a shot. Chase the shot with a beer when he won’t elaborate.
- When either Trump or Clinton ignores moderator Lester Holt and keeps talking past the time limit, drink.
- If Trump alludes to Clinton’s health, drink.
- When Clinton makes a shout out to her “hometown” of New York, drink.
- When Trump makes a face that looks like your favorite emoji, drink.
- When Clinton declares, “Deal me in!" drink.
- If Trump calls Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” drink.
- When Trump and Clinton argue about whether Trump supported the Iraq War or not, drink.
- When Trump says “huge,” drink.
- When Trump blames President Barack Obama for something, or when Clinton blames Republicans for something, drink.
- When either Trump or Clinton accuses the other of being unfit or unqualified to be president, drink.
- If Trump makes any reference to the size of his hands, chug.
- When you think you’re hearing the same things over and over again, drink some water and go to sleep.

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By: Axelrad

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