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Qrc Wikipedia Edit A Thon says
The Rice QRC is proud to present it's first ever Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon!

What is a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon?
-An Edit-a-Thon is a marathon session of Wikipedia editing with a group of people who are dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics. In our case the theme will be LGBT or Queer topics.

Why is this important?
-Wikipedia is a free source of information for people worldwide. It is accessible and not owned by any corportation, and thus has the capacity to be free from news bias or "fake news."
-90% of Wikipedia editors are white men, most of whom are straight and cisgender. This means that often queer issues are not well covered on Wikipedia. We hope that through this Edit-a-Thon we can work to improve the coverage of queer topics on Wikipedia.

But I don't know how to use Wikipedia?
-That's fair! At our Edit-a-Thon there will be a variety of experienced Wikipedians to help you learn how to contribute to Wikipedia. We will specifically be teaching how to make edits so that you can go on and contribute to Wikipedia in the future if you so wish.
-Trust me, if you can use Facebook, you can use Wikipedia.

So, food?
-Yes, we will be providing lunch for free for those who come out and contribute. There will be vegetarian options available.

I have more questions/concerns???
-email Katie Webber (kmw8@rice.edu) with any questions or concerns!
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