Really Really Free Market ~ June 25th 1 Till 5

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Really Really Free Market ~ June 25th 1 Till 5
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Really Really Free Market ~ June 25th 1 Till 5 says
Really Really Free Market is an event for the people, by the people.

RRFM is a no money, no barter, no sale event. Anyone can participate and everything is welcome. Come and bring your no longer needed and surplus items from home and give to the community. Or, just come and see what treasures await to be found. If you want to give but don't have any items to bring, no need to sulk. This event isn't limited to physical possessions alone. Bring your skills and knowledge to share with the community, anything is welcome. (We also love cookies)

The Basics:
-There is absolulty no money, trade, or barter at this event. If you cannot part with something without some sort of compensation, leave it at home.
-Think outside the box, not only items can be gifted. Do you have a skill you'd like to teach? Maybe stories you want to tell? How about sharing some home made goodies because you love to bake? Anything can be shared through the community, get creative. We've had people teach crochetting, do henna, braid hair, ect. Your limit is your imagination.
-You aren't required to bring anything. You are welcome to just show up with a bag in hand and see what those who brought items might have that suit your needs and desires.
-Those that plan to participate usually have their items layed out on a blanket on the grass. There is no designated set up spot, the whole park may be used for the event and no tent area will be set up for it.

Keep in Mind:
-Bring a bag to collect your new goodies, you'll probably need one
-THIS IS A LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT! Respect the park so that we can be sure to do this again. Before you leave collect all things that are still in your possession, throw your trash in designated recepticals, and make sure to not leave your children behind.
-Not everyone at the park will be participatig, it might not be obvious who is and who isn't. This is not a festival, there will be no designated booths and tents. This is a public park and it's usually pretty full on the weekends. If you are not sure if someone is participating please ask. You wouldn't want to accidently take someones favorite picknick basket, book, or jacket.
-There is no electricity at the park. If you planned to do something that involves electricity you might need to figure out an alternative.

Have fun.
Make friends.
Give to the community.
Leave no trace.
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