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Slow Future * Brand New Hearts * Since Always
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Slow Future * Brand New Hearts * Since Always says
Slow Future (Houston, TX)

Brand New Hearts (Houston, TX)

“Remember that first time you heard Weezer, and you immediately fell in love with their sound? The second time you heard them, you realized that they loved anthem rock, and the third time; you realized how complex simplicity is? Well, that's how this Brand New Hearts EP sounds. The way the songs are structured, you immediately notice how the guys from Brand New Hearts know what they're doing when it comes to writing. The upbeat tempo, the searing guitar fills, and the sing-song choruses; it definitely leaves you wanting more once it's reached it's end.

You'll definitely be humming the opener "Drive Me Home" after hearing it, and you'll revel in the dual vocals on the closer, "Brand New Hearts". Hopefully, this EP is just the beginning from a band with definite promise" - DavidGarrick

"...happily, from the snippets I’ve been able to hear so far, it’s damn-near perfect in reality, as well. The band comes off like the best elements of all the component bands/musicians, all mashed together into a glorious, rough-edged, insanely catchy whole, and I can’t wait to see ‘em live.” – Space City Rock

Since Always (Houston, TX)

Since Always is an Shoe-Gaze band from Houston TX.
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By: Rudyard's British Pub