Spring Equinox 2017 ~ Dance Of Alignment With Cheryl Shakti Ma

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Spring Equinox 2017 ~ Dance Of Alignment With Cheryl Shakti Ma
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Spring Equinox 2017 ~ Dance Of Alignment With Cheryl Shakti Ma says
Houston's freeform Ecstatic Dance Community! Dance. Play. Sweat. Pray. DETAILS: http://ecstaticdanceevolution.com/dance-calendar/

::::::: 10:00am ::::::: CONTACT CLASS :::::::: (with Samadhi)
before warm up, no extra charge, please be on time.

Once I knew a young magician who took great pride in his knowledge and skill at his craft. He didn’t fully appreciate my nonchalance toward it. While out walking one afternoon he asked me sharply “Do you even believe in magic?” to which I smiled and started singing “Do you believe in magic.” Momentarily we arrived at my car, started the engine, and this song was playing on the radio. Ha! So to answer the question, yes I do, and it is as simple as this for me. It is everyday occurrences happening all around, all the time. Magic is to me what comes when we live in harmony with the forces of Nature.

Spring Equinox is Nature’s time of realignment, as day and night reach a point of equilibrium and commence a new cycle of seasons. This Dance of Alignment offers a prime opportunity to tap into the elemental current and initiate our personal renewal at this pivotal time, seeding our intentions in a rich fertile new era.

As Earth dances with the light and darkness of sky, let us make our way into alignment within the small dance of self. Let the music draw you into the natural flow of your dance. Listen with your skin, muscle, organs. Move with the intrinsic forces of nature alive in your flesh and bone and in the cells of your body. Dance your balance and equilibrium, your rebirth and renewal, grounding and liberating your ecstatic body in motion. Realign with the presence of simple everyday magic all around and in you, as we caper about instigating delightfully harmonious revelry in this celebration of life!

I believe there is beauty power and magic in celebrating the cycles of the year, and in planting seeds for ourselves and those who will follow. I see this as a fundamental rite of passage handed down through generations as a guidepost for life. And yes I believe, as the song says “The magic’s in the music and the music’s in me!” So joyful and grateful to share this magical musical journey with you!
Keep spreading your gloriously potent seeds of love, Ecstatic Dance Evolution!

~ Cheryl Shakti Ma
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