Sunday Dance *Eclipse* With Samadhi Love And Ede

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Sunday Dance *Eclipse* With Samadhi Love And Ede
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Sunday Dance *Eclipse* With Samadhi Love And Ede says
Houstons free-form Dance Community! Play. Sweat. Pray. Details:

(Sept 1st - solar & Sept 16th - lunar)

I’m an ameture with astrology, but it can be really fun to follow and take advantage of, like for this week's theme. I've certainly been feeling what seems like a heavy dark cloud effect over parts of my life recently, anybody else? According to astrology, an eclipse can make us feel as if a dark cloud has come over us, a dark night of the soul - to speak.

The upside of having a dark cloud is that we get to move through it, and that is a wonderful thing to look forward to. DONT GIVE UP! (me telling myself) This can even be fun. At EDE we like to touch our bodies, minds, and emotions in a very wide variety of ways, because that is what it's like to be human. As multidimensional beings, we have a cool capacity to constantly move through ups and downs and discover our outstanding human nature! Our vastly expansive selections of dance music really helps explore those deep, wide, and high parts of ourselves. All we have to do is drop in and follow along to touch that sacred inner wilderness, of wallowing in delighting.

This Sunday, I invite you to just bring it all with you, whatever your going through, and we WILL move through it, together. Darkness to light, sadness to joy, pain to pleasure, boredom to hilarity! I'm taking you with me on this moving mystical dark night of the soul journey from the shadowy depths of night crawling lagoon creatures to cosmic - slap in the face liquid laughter! Lets drop in and get creative with all of it. Sometimes life surprises you. We will, eclipse the eclipse!

Ma Sama Dhi ~ <3

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