Sunday Dance Mother With Cheryl Shakti Ma

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Sunday Dance Mother With Cheryl Shakti Ma
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Houstons Free-form Ecstatic Dance Community! Play. Sweat. Pray. More Details:

This week’s dance is dedicated to Mother as an offering of love and gratitude for her many years of devoted nurturing feeding tending teaching supporting loving and guiding us as best she was able, and most of all bearing us the gift of life.
Every mother is a perfectly imperfect human like all of us. Do you sometimes idolize her, adore her, tolerate her (or not), do your best to live up to her expectations, do your best to break free from them, depend on her to take care of you somehow or want her to, maybe have a hard time forgiving her for past hurts? Most of us probably have had an idealized version of who we think our Mother should be, who we want her to be, and take it personally when that’s not what we get.
For Mother’s Day let’s dance with her as we do for ourselves and each other every time we dance. Let’s hold her essence in our dance, practicing our guidelines; co-creating a safe and sacred space to express our feelings, dropping our judgment and expectation, seeing her in her highest light, giving her permission to be and become her true and divine nature, and honoring who she is right now.
Please bring your mothers, and mothers bring your children to this dance if you can, or hold them with you in your heartspace. Let’s honor our own mothers and mother figures, and all the mothers in our community, dancing in their presence, wherever they are in body and spirit.
If you can't bring your Mother, also feel free to bring a picture of her for the Altar!

Loving You All, Cheryl Shakti Ma
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