Sunday Dance Ride The Wave ~ Music Of Taz Rashid With Samadhi!

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Sunday Dance Ride The Wave ~ Music Of Taz Rashid With Samadhi!
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RIDE THE WAVE by Taz Rashid
A few weeks ago I had a dream of being on a boat with a crew but no boat captain because the each member was collectively navigating the boat using psychic energy similar to The Force from Star Wars. There were giant waves and the boat seemed to almost flip. We could all sense each others emotions; Fear, Anticipation, Excitement, it was all there. Then Trust came into the flow and somehow carried us over that huge wave. To our amazement, on the other side was a beautiful sunrise and the harbor of a new world.

I am sure there are hundreds of interpretations and lots of symbology built into this dream but what I get out of it is that we as a humanity are all on this boat together. I feel we ARE one team and our state of collective consciousness is going through some wild times right now. Are we going to show up to our higher calling and trust that creative process of fully leaning into the scary and the challenging moments?

In the dance, when we fully committ to trust the journey and RIDE THE WAVES of the music and our emotions, something magical and wonderful always awaits us!

After having this dream, I am even more trusting that a beautiful sunrise and new opportunities await us behind every big wave, every obstacle, and difficult life circumstance. The time is now to fully trust our creative, empowered, resilient and illuminated selves regardless of what the terrain might seem like.

What are we waiting for? Let’s RIDE THE WAVES and Rock The Boat in 2016. Remember, "a smooth sea never made a great sailor".

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